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Future Light
Time Connection

Hi, I'm Dana Solomon, a composer for film and trailer music soundtracks. I received formal training in
college as a music major, with a classical music emphasis. Later after my formal studies in school, I
then began producing music for different artists in commercial, and independent recording studios
locally in the Philadelphia, PA area.

After a period of time from producing music, I developed my technical skills further as an arranger,

audio engineer, and mixing engineer. But I eventually dedicated
more of my time, and most of efforts specifically towards film scoring and orchestration.

Stylistically as a film composer, my strengths have centered around orchestration and orchestral arrangements

for musical themes; and modern scoring techniques and sound design.

Whether I’m creating an electronic theme reminiscent of Joseph
Kosinski's - “Tron: Legacy”, or a dramatic and suspenseful theme reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's -
“The Dark Knight”, I use sonic colors to paint the soundtrack a director envisions for their project. I
describe my music as - “The Sound That You See.”

Meeting others and collaborating with creative professionals is always something I look forward to doing.

Some of my favorite film genres are Sci-Fi, Anime, Dramas, Documentaries, Nature & Science
programming, and all in between. But most of all, I enjoy the art of music, and how it coincides with
the art of film making.