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Marco Chiavetta

Music Composer - Audio Designer

Marco Chiavetta
Music Composer - Audio Designer
Orchestral - The Revelation
Orchestral - Il Lamento e l'onda
La Nostalgia ed il Tramonto Rosso - Intimate Orchestral
Rock - Electronic
Push Them Back - Gameplay FPS
Itsuwari - Rock - Anime Opening


Project NameClient NameYearNotes
Spatial OpsResolution Games2022Sound Designer - Music Composer - Implementation
Bait!Resolution Games2022Sound Design - Implementation
Dust LandsIGG2022Additional Music
Old Town StoriesDeer Captain2019Sound Designer - Music Composer - Implementation
BlackoutMana Films2021Music Composer
MosaicSwiss Films2022Sound Designer - Music Composer
LuceMANA Films2015Music Composer
Erogatore 03MANA Films2011Music Composer

Marco Chiavetta is a highly accomplished multimedia composer, bass player, and award-winning sound designer with a diverse range of experience in the film, television, and video game industries. He is a graduate of the prestigious Scoring for Film, TV, and Video-Games program at Berklee College of Music and holds a Bachelor's degree in Upright and Electric Bass from Santa Cecilia Conservatory. 

Chiavetta has received recognition for his work, including the "Best Soundtrack Award" at the 2016 Camaiore Film Festival for his work on the short film "Luce" directed by Marco Napoli, and his soundtrack for Napoli's previous work, "Erogatore - 03" reached the semifinal selection of the David of Donatello Award.

He has a wealth of experience in creating soundtracks for video games, including his recent role as a music composer and sound designer for the VR game "Old Town Stories" and his collaboration with Resolution Games which brought to light the first AR multiplayer shooter on the market, and winner of 2 awards at the NYX Game Awards,  "Spatial Ops”, and the mobile game Dust Lands produced by IGG. He has also worked as a composer for advertising campaigns such as "Worry Free" for Allianz Insurance and theatre productions, including "La porta sul buio" directed by Marco Cassini. Chiavetta has also collaborated with companies such as UVI Audio and Sound-Iron as a beta tester and demo composer. Recently, Chiavetta worked on film soundtracks, including "The Moderator" and "Collision" both at 1908 Scoring Studio in Los Angeles, "Mosaic" for Peacock Film in Switzerland, and "Blackout" for MANA Films New York.