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Matt Richards
Musician/ Composer/ Producer
Videos with soundtracks
Matt Richards Music
I See
Before It All
Walk And Talk
Past The Hour
Imagine Her
Only A Thought

Born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, guitarist Matt Richards grew up in the culturally fertile cross-currents of the 1960s. His musical pathway opened in the mix of folk, rock and psychedelic music that defined that decade and eventually guided him into the hyperactive jazz-fusion of the 1970s.

Initially self-taught, Matt earnestly developed the technically advanced musical abilities necessary to be part of that highly-energized genre. As his musicianship developed, he discovered straight-ahead jazz and classical music and began incorporating the acoustic guitar in various projects. He assimilated Spanish, Latin American and various world influences while developing his fingerstyle approach to solo guitar

Matt has been featured in major festivals and programs, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, South Korea's One Month Festival and NAMM Winter and Summer Shows. He has worked onstage and in the studio with a range of artists, including Mike Clark, Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco, Kenwood Dennard, Elio Villafranca, and Bobby Zankel. He's been the opener of choice for Paco Pena, Peppino D'Agostino, Phil Keaggy, Richie Havens and Dave Mason.

Matt's latest release Power Trio Project marks his return to electric jazz with his group.

In addition to live performances and collaborative projects, Matt continues to compose and produce original music for licensing and soundtracks.