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Adam Schiff

Secrets Of Our Universe with Tim Peake (BBC) - "Kew Gardens"
The Moment - How Sports Changed The World (Red Bull Studios) - "Green Carpets"
Alien Xmas (Netflix)
Into the Storm (BBC) - "Opening"
The Biggest Little Farm (Nat Geo) - "Opening"
The Parts You Lose (Hulu) - Main Titles
Home (Apple TV+) - "Meeting Augustina"
Interrogation Raw (A&E) - "No Time for Crime"
828 Documentary (The Garcia Brothers) - "Main Theme"
The Traitors (Peacock) - "Third Rail"
  • Secrets Of Our Universe with Tim Peake (BBC) - Composer
  • The Moment - How Sports Changed The World (Red Bull Studios) - Composer
  • Home (Apple TV+) - Composer
  • Into the Storm (BBC) - Composer
  • Hear No Evil (Discovery) - Composer
  • The Package (Netflix) - Composer
  • In Their Own Words: Bernie Madoff (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • American Monster (Discovery) - Composer
  • Alien Xmas (Netflix) - Composer
  • The Parts You Lose (Hulu) - Composer
  • Interrogation Raw (A&E) - Composer
  • The Moment (Nat Geo) - Co-Composer
  • My Generation (MSNBC) - Composer
  • Ultimate Marksman (History) - Composer
  • 828 Documentary (The Garcia Brothers) - Composer
  • The Moment (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • The Traitors (Peacock) - Additional Music
  • Killing Fields (Discovery) - Additional Music
  • Alone (The History Channel) - Additional Music
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo (Atari) - Additional Music
  • Activate: The Global Citizen Movement (Nat Geo) - Additional Music
  • The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (Nat Geo) - Opening/Closing Sequence
Fact Check

Home Turf:

South Africa; currently based in Los Angeles


I am self-taught. No formal composition study at all.


Piano and keyboards are my main instruments and I use guitars and custom-made string instruments a lot, but I have been known to play whatever is lying around (rulers, jars, rolls of tape) literally.

Musical Influences:

John Williams, Dave Grusin, John Powell, John Barry, Alberto Iglesias, Ennio Morricone to name only a very few. 

Vibe Check

What is the best thing you've ever splurged on?                                                                                                 What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?

A trip back home to South Africa after lockdown.                                                                                                 Testing a soldering iron with my fingers.

What about you sounds made up but is true?                                                                                                        What's the least useful skill you possess?

I've performed for queens (Queen Elizabeth II) and presidents (Nelson Mandela).                          I can empty a full bottle in 2 seconds.