Corey Farr
The White Tower (Epic main theme)
The Tragic Hero (Poignant main theme)
The Hero's Victory (Regal and driving)
The Shadow Rises (Epic and ominous)
As Old as Time (Romantic and nostalgic)
When I First Met You (Elegant and innocent)
Medieval / Fantasy
A Witcher's Life for Me (Epic combat)
Tales from the Tavern (Relaxing and adventurous)
War in the North (Tense and foreboding)
Fantasy adventure exploration
Afraid of the Dark (Eerie and chilling)
Memoriam (soft piano and strings underscore)
Rise and Shine (positive resolution / happy ending)
Searching (minimalist piano underscore)
Into the Unknown (mysterious piano/duduk underscore)
Speak from the Heart (emotive, minimalistic piano)
Through the Fire - Evenant Composer Challenge 2022
Mixing my cue with Warner Bros veteran Bobby Fernandez (my track starts at 1:44:26)

I'm a cinematic and video game composer focused primarily on orchestral, hybrid orchestral, and medieval/fantasy music. I also love writing underscores for solo piano and strings.

I have written for a number of indie video games and film music competitions, and I've been lucky enough to receive personal lessons and feedback from composers like Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, The Exorcism of Emily Rose), Javier Navarrete (Pan's Labyrinth), and Lennie Moore (Outcast, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Halo and Halo 2 anniversary editions). I have recorded a short piece at the famous Silent Zoo studios in Los Angeles and was selected to mix it live together with Hollywood legend Bobby Fernandez, former head of the Warner Brothers scoring stage for 22 years.

In the 2022 Indie Film Music Contest, I placed in the top 25 from over 400 participants.

I am always happy to write a custom demo track for any potentially interested clients, so please contact me with more info about your project.

For game developers, I am proficient in the Wwise dynamic audio/interactive music platform as well as C# code and Unity Engine integration for all music and SFX.

Some reviews:

"Absolutely stunning." - Arn Andersson (producer, composer, founder of Evenant Music)

"A mass of amazing textures. Fantastically well-produced. The sound is outstanding. Just bloody brilliant." -Dirk Ehlert (award-winning producer and composer, founder of DOCUscores production library)

Client feedback:

"Very communicative, a fast turnaround, and adaptive and flexible to my needs. Perfectly captured the energy I wanted for my project with very few corrections necessary." - KK Jenkins, Adder’s Wish

"It was great working with Corey! He managed to deliver wonderful tracks in a timely fashion, making adaptations as requested with a professional attitude. He was my best choice, hands down. I will be looking forward to working with him again in the future!" - Denilson Oliveira, Ladies of Sorrow

“A talented, responsive, responsible, and pro-active music producer. Corey delivered the music promptly and with quality in a very short time, and never failed in communication. - Nycolas Santos, War Angel

“Corey gave us exactly what we needed. He worked with us in order to create what our game would work best with and continued to do so until we were happy! Great composer!" - Mason Myers, Camping Trip