Jonas Friedman
Musician, Composer
Animation 2022
Transformer Ignites (Action Orchestral Animation)
Evil Dance Party (Part 1 - Fun, Hybrid Orchestral Rock Animation)
Beginnings (Cinematic, Emotional Animation)
Evil Dance Party (Part 2 - Disco, Rock, Animation)
Save The World In Style (Modern Pop Rock)
Sneaky Lil' Monster (Cute Sneaky Animation)
Squijits & Monsters (Quirky / Fun Action Animation)
The Trees Are Alive (Adventurous Orchestral Animation)
Heart Crystal Shines (Intimate Moment Building)
Tomorrow Is The Past (Modern, 80's Electronic)
It's Called Swagger (Funky Animation)
Speed Of Light (Action Intro Animation)

Jonas Friedman is a diverse music artist, songwriter and producer. For nearly fifteen years he has combined his unique musical voice with his mastery of studio technology, putting him on the cutting edge of modern cinematic music. In addition to producing and co-writing with music artists on over a dozen records, Jonas has written music on over 300 episodes of television and 9 feature films, including multiple projects for Academy and Emmy Award winning directors, producers and show runners.

Jonas's most recent work includes composing for the CW's hit 1800's western adventure series Walker: Independence. The show debuted in the fall of 2022 and has been the networks most watched new series. Additionally Jonas was a composer on the A.I. action-drama entitled Next for FOX television.

Other projects include writing additional music for the flagship Paramount + live action Halo series, Disney / Marvel's feature The New Mutants, the James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez hybrid CGI action blockbuster film Alita: Battle Angel and several others.

As a multi instrumentalist Jonas doesn't just program music into a computer. He is a proficient performer for guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and synthesizers

In addition to his ongoing film and television work, Jonas is currently scoring an upcoming video game that will be officially announced in the coming year.