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Adam Lukas

Frozen Planet II (BBC) - "The Frozen Planet"
Frozen Planet II (BBC) - "Giants of the Deep"
Being the Queen (Nat Geo) - "A Queen's Duty"
Being The Queen (NatGeo) - "Main Theme"
Minecraft - "Godzilla and Kong Clash Pt. I"
Minecraft - "Godzilla and Kong Clash Part II"
Primates (BBC) - "Main Theme"
Primates (BBC) - "Primate Decline"
I Survived 50 Hours in Antarctica (MrBeast) - “Antarctica or Bust”
Malou (Aries Head Films) - "Main Theme"
The Bubble (VICE) - "Main Theme"
Minecraft Frozen Planet II - "Bumble Bee"
Expedition Everest (Nat Geo) - "Main Theme"
Planet Earth: A Celebration (BBC) - "Flamingos March"
Roman Empire II (Netflix) - "Everything That Came""
Cairo Jazzman (Icke Kreuzberg Productions) - "Main Theme"
  • Above the Below (Lionsgate) - Composer
  • Hagen (Feature Film - Constantin Films) - Composer
  • Hagen (TV Series - Constantin Films) - Composer
  • Minecraft: Godzilla - Composer
  • BMW i5 Global Marketing Campaign - Composer
  • Frozen Planet II (BBC) - Composer
  • Arctic: Our Frozen Planet IMAX - Composer
  • Primates (BBC) - Composer
  • Being the Queen (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • Black Patriots: Heroes of the Civil War (The History Channel) - Composer
  • Wheel Of Fortune (Sony Pictures) - Arranger & Composer
  • Jeopardy! (Sony Pictures) - Arranger & Composer
  • Super Bowl LVI Opening, featuring Halle Berry & Kevin Hart - Composer
  • Flooded Tombs of the Nile (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • Expedition Everest (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • Roman Empire II (Netflix) - Composer
  • Minecraft: Frozen Planet II - Composer
  • I Survived 50 Hours in Antarctica (MrBeast) - Composer
  • CNN This Morning (CNN) – Composer
  • Letting Go (Götz Raimund Films) - Composer
  • Cairo Jazzman (Icke Kreuzberg Productions) - Composer
  • Malou (Aries Head Films) - Composer
  • Albert (Maarsen Films) - Composer
  • Mission Accomplished! (Hanna Mathis Films) - Composer
  • Am Himmel (Filmakademie Wien/MaYa Productions) - Composer
Awards & Nominations

Televisual Bulldog Award Winner - 2023 Best Original Score - Frozen Planet II (Netflix) 

Emmy Award Winner - 2021 Outstanding Music Composition - Primates (BBC)

Emmy Award Nominee - 2021 Outstanding Music Composition - Being The Queen (NatGeo) 

Fact Check

Home Turf:

Austria; currently based in Los Angeles


I studied formally at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.

Informally, I learned a lot from being raised in a musical family within a country where music is a fundamental part of growing up. 


Anything that has keys I can play. But I enjoy making noise with almost any instrument.

Musical Influences:

Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, lots of classical music from 1700-1920, the Final Fantasy Soundtracks...there is so much talent and interesting music out there, you just have to lend an ear.

Vibe Check

What time period would you most like to vacation to?                                                                What is your worst habit?

Woodstock ‘69                                                                                                                                                        Giving unsolicited advice

What are you good at that you don't enjoy doing?                                                                          Which fictional character would be the most fun to have as a friend?

Giving unsolicited advice                                                                                                                                  Probably Dumbledore