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Michaela Eremiasova


Dance of Souls (2024) was inspired by my lifelong fascination with the afterlife. I hope and wish that our human existence is merely a moment in our soul's journey. The notion of our souls continuing into a new phase of existence is the core concept behind this composition. The music seeks to create the imagery of personal struggle, the ability to overcome it, and the possibility of resolution to find a sense of peace. Composed for orchestra, choir, and modern dance, it consists of three movements: I. Lost, II. Between Old and New, and III. Liberation. The piece was commissioned for the 2024 Colburn School's Collaboration Concert in honor of Adrian Daly. Dance of Souls had a world premiere with choreography by Tamsin Carlson at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California. 

DANCE OF SOULS (music production via sound libraries)
Dance of Souls - Movement 1
Dance of Souls - Movement 2
Dance of Souls - Movement 3
DANCE OF SOULS (live performance)