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Sulwe: A Musical Adaptation (DCYOP Kennedy Center World Premiere - cond. by Evan Ross Solomon)
DCYOP 2022 Spring Concerts: Youth Orchestra - Sulwe/Young
Nature's Karmic Vengeance (Play On Philly)
Cellet (A Masque for 10 Cellos)
PEace on the Left, Justice on the Right (Tesla Quartet)
In the Amazon (Del Sol Quartet)
Far from Righteous (for String Quartet)
Lyric for Violin and Harp (Lucia Lin - Violin; Charles Overton - Harp)
Eva's Ashes (Edwin Kaplan - Viola)
A Composers Passion (Titus Underwood - Oboe; Peter Henderson - Piano)
Music for Steven Spielberg's Next Film (John Kelly - Alto Sax; Wen Zhang - Piano)
The Nebraska Plains (for Brass Quintet)
After the Sun Goes Down
Inescapable (Concerto for Contrabass and Wind Symphony) w/Jeffrey Kail - Contrabass
You Got Your Head Up in the Clouds (Dogs of Desire, cond. by David Allen Miller)