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Trailers & Teasers - films, docu's and dance.
Trailer - We, Us and other games [dance]
Trailer - My name is nobody [docu]
HBO - Spitfire Audio Westworld scoring competition
Trailer - Bezness as Usual [docu] [BUMA Award 2017]
Teaser - Hotel Wonderland [theatre]
Teaser - De Panter [dance] [BUMA Award 2022]
Trailer - Safe [Action thriller]
Trailer - Die Welt [film]
Trailer - The Previous Owner [dance]
Trailer - Zoek! [docu]
Teaser - Playing God Opening [Un-aired docu]
Trailer - Happy Eend [film]
Teaser - Purgatorium [film]
Renger Koning

In 2012, after composing for audiovisuals for over 2 decades, Renger decided he wanted to become a filmcomposer. In 2017 he won his first Buma Award for best filmscore ['Bezness as usual'  from director Alex Pitstra]. In 2019 he was introduced to choreographer Dunja Joçic and they started working on 'The Resident'. This became a fruitful cooperation: in 2021 'De Panter' Dunja received a Swan [best contemporary dance production] for her choreography and Renger won his second Buma Award for best music. 

In 2022 Renger worked on 3 contemporary dance productions with Dunja: 'The Previous Owner', 'We, Us and other games'  [for Spellbound dance company - Rome / Italy] and 'Het gras hier is groener'.

For Siba Sahabi's dance production 'Skiagraphia', directed by Marinus Groothof, Renger wrote a 65 min score.

In 2023 he was nominated again for a Buma Award for his music in the immersive theatre production 'Hotel Wonderland'. Renger composed over 4 hours of music for this highly acclaimed theatre production in cooperation with Cinereal Los Angeles.

In 2023 Renger scored 'The Occupant', a science-fiction thriller directed by Hugo Keijzer, set for release in 2024.

Renger is currently working on 'The Gate', again a Dunja Joçic dance piece, which will premiere 23rd of March 2024 in Bielefeld / Germany.