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Marcus Leitner
Composer and Sound Designer
Composer Reel
The Wedding Planning Begins (Orchestral, Period Piece, Opening)
Latin Rhodes (Groovy, Animation)
The Sunken Place (Tense, Indie Horror)
On the Run (Action Sequence)
The Best of Us All (Tragic)
Optimism for the Future (Cheerful)
A Decision to Fight (Folk, Confident, Montage)
Race to Get Linked Up (Tense, Crime Thriller)
For a Job Well Done (Uplifting, Indie Movie Ending)

Marcus Leitner is a Berkeley-based film composer with experience in all aspects of writing music to picture. Leitner's start in electronic music gives his music a unique edge: one that's led by sound design and texture rather than pure melodic writing. This love for texture has led to him exploring different experimental music techniques in conjunction with an ongoing study of tonal music. Participating in numerous film music competitions, Leitner has also composed for several projects including long-form videos for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and MBARI. Outside of composing, Leitner plays the piano, the violin, sings as a contrabass, and is an avid synthesist.