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Joris de Man
Composer | Sound Designer

Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at my reel; it contains a selection of tracks from projects I've worked on, including Playstation franchises Killzone 2&3, Horizon Zero Dawn /Horizon Forbidden West, as well as clips from Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires, a stop-motion animated feature I scored and a variety of other music pieces.

Stylistically my music ranges from full live orchestral scored pieces, to hybrids with electronics and fully synthetic pieces with live elements.
I love scoring to picture and finding the emotional heart of a scene, and accentuate it with a piece of music that heightens the emotion(s) and as one listener put it, 'brings the feels' :)
In addition, I never turn down the opportunity to mess with new instruments, experiment with recorded and found sounds and explore new sonic territory.

Get in touch if you like what you hear, and let's see if we can make some magic together!

Joe's Reel, 2024
KZ3 Opening Titles - 'And Ever We Fight On' - Solemn, Emotional, Strings, Solo Violin
KZ2 Ending - 'Visari's Lament' (excerpt) - Action, Dramatic, Epic, Orchestral, Choral
HZD - 'City On The Mesa' - Folky, Guitars, Acoustic, Wholesome ;)
HZD - 'The Bad News' (excerpt) - Solo Vocals, Sad, Sparse, Solemn
HZD2 - Far For From Rest - Tribal, Action, Acoustic Percussion, Synths
Frozen Wilds- White Falls - Atmospheric, Icy, Ambient, Strings, Hangdrum
Gotham Knights - Megachiroptera - Horror, Tension, Eerie, Action
HZD1 - Homecoming - Emotional, Piano, Gentle, Vocals, Solo Cello
TroubleMaker - Light Tension, Electronics, Dark, Ambient, Buildup
Koji - Lighthearted, Comedy, Adventurous, Animation, Paced
V2X - Vessel - Electronica, Melodic, Dramatic
Velocity 2X - BOOST - Fun, Energetic, Electronica, High Energy, Beats
Chuck Steel - What Have I Done - Comedy, Orchestral, Adventurous, Dramatic
Thebes - Eerie, Middle Eastern Influences, Electronic, Ambient
Off Kilter (featuring Recurv) - Electronica, Synths, Drums, Dance Music
Chuck Steel - Polka Dance - It's Polka time!!!
Joris - Selected Video Reel
Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires - Ninja Fight Opening Sequence
KOJI- Animated Short for Studio Mir

Joris de Man is a BAFTA nominated, Jerry Goldsmith and double Ivor Novello award winning composer known for compelling themes built around captivating melodies.

From glitchy electronica to orchestral soundtracks, Joris has always focused on writing story-driven music that supports an emotional journey.

Well recognised for his work on the Playstation blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn, Joris has been integral to the development of the series' soundtracks, including its DLC The Frozen Wilds and the recent sequel Horizon Forbidden West and its DLC Burning Shores, his themes for the game and its main character Aloy providing a signature sound.
The main theme for the game has become immensely popular and well loved by fans, garnering nearly 16 million streams on Spotify.

He is also widely known for his work on the first four instalments of Guerrilla's Killzone franchise, FuturLab's Velocity series, the MOBA hits Vainglory & Catalyst Black, as well as Gotham Knights for WB.

Outside of video games, Joris has also scored various films, including Studio Mir's 2018 short, Koji, BAFTA-Award winning director Mike Mort's stop-motion feature, Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires, as well as contributing to Lorne Balfe's score for Gran Turismo.

A Dutch native born into a musical family, Joris was exposed to a variety of music from an early age.

The son of classically-trained musicians, one a contemporary composer, the other a niche contemporary harpsichord performer, he learned to appreciate diversity in sound since childhood. In his teens, Joris was active in the Atari demo scene, programming and releasing chiptune tracks as part of a group called Synergy.

The limitations of the sound chip meant complex arrangements weren’t possible, and this forced an emphasis on writing stronger melodies, in an effort to extract the most, musically, from this early computer.

But it is perhaps Joris’ ability to reach into the heart of the listener, with his sensitive, emotional themes, connecting the narrative arc of characters and story, that make his rich orchestrations and sumptuous production values so impactful and memorable.