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Jordan Lewis
Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Designer
Composer: Original Score
Directors: Justin Miller & JP Pacelli
Production: OG Productions
When to Die
The American Dream
The Road to Bentonville
End Titles
Swansboro Interlude
The Phenomenon

Jordan Lewis is an LA based media composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the composer for the YouTube Premium original film, G Funk | The Official Documentary. His work has been screened at major film festivals worldwide and featured in dozens of films and television series including: Hobbs & Shaw, Day Shift, Stumptown, The Purge (TV), Creepshow (TV), Wolf Pack, Teen Wolf: The Movie, The Greeks, and Cosmic Rewind, a Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction at Epcot Center.

His collaborative enthusiasm, eclectic style, and broad musical knowledge have earned him a loyal client base among filmmakers, producers, and fellow composers alike. He is currently working with choreographer and activist Brittany Delany on a long form modern dance piece and immersive art installation, Free The Body, which is rooted in principles of Abolitionist Feminism and aims to highlight the issues of mass incarceration, gender violence, and systemic injustice within underrepresented communities.

As an artist & multi-instrumentalist, he has toured, performed, and recorded with various bands and solo artists including Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Warren G, David Hasselhoff, and Chamberlin. In 2024 Jordan plans to begin production on a series of EP's which collectively highlight his stylistic interests.

Jordan holds a BA in English and Jazz Piano/Composition from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Film Composition from Columbia College Chicago.