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Andrew Christie

Bastille x Hans Zimmer - "POMPEII MMXXIII"
Andrew & Matteo Bocelli x Hans Zimmer - "Time To Say Goodbye"
Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV+) - "Main Theme" with Hans Zimmer
Blue Planet (BBC) - "Ocean Bloom" with Hans Zimmer ft. Radiohead
Seven Worlds, One Planet (BBC) - "Out There" with Hans Zimmer ft. Sia
Roman Empire (Netflix) - "Main Theme"
The Simpsons (Fox) - "Spoiled It For Everyone Else"
Thorns & Roses
  • Time To Say Goodbye - Andrea and Matteo Boccelli x Hans Zimmer - Arranger
  • Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV+) - Main Theme
  • Bastille x Hans Zimmer, "POMPEII MMXXIII" - Arranger/Mixer
  • The Simpsons (Fox) - Composer
  • The Planets (BBC) - Composer
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet (BBC) - Composer
  • Blue Planet Promo ft. Radiohead ( BBC) - Composer
  • Symphony for Our World (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • The Flood (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • Roman Empire (Netflix) - Composer
  • Big Beasts: Last of the Giants (SKY) - Composer
  • Pope vs. Hitler (Nat Geo) - Composer
  • American Playboy (Amazon Prime Video) - Composer
  • America: Promised Land (The History Channel) - Composer
  • Making of the Mob (AMC) - Composer
  • The Cars That Made America (The History Channel) - Composer
  • NASCAR: The Rise of American Speed (CMT) - Composer
  • The American West (AMC) - Composer
Fact Check

Home Turf:

Australia; currently based in Los Angeles


Bachelor of Applied Music Composition, Box Hill Institute - Melbourne


Fumbling around on keys and guitar like a wannabe rock star. 

Musical Influences:

I'm usually more inspired and influenced by esoteric things outside of music these days, but the artists and music that shaped my formative years are classic film scores, Queen, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, late 90's Max Martin, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Silverchair, Muse, Jethro Tull, Savage Garden, Celtic folk music. There were also many classic and random albums that my parents and brothers played around the house and on long drives.

Vibe Check

What time period would you most like to vacation to?                                What is your worst habit?

Sunset Strip, 1980                                                                                                                 I check myself out in the mirror...A LOT!

What are you good at that you don't enjoy doing?                                          What did you think was cool when you were a kid that you cringe at now?

Being nice                                                                                                                                   Rapping in boy bands