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With over 20 pantomime productions under my belt, Will brings a wealth of experience and creativity as a Musical Director, Composer, and Arranger. Since 2012, he has had the privilege of leading the music production for Eden Court Theatre's renowned pantomime seasons in Inverness. Each year, this large-scale production features 55 performances and attracts an audience of 36,000 enthusiastic theatergoers. He has also scored productions for the Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock and Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy. 

Most of his professional journey has been in collaboration with Imagine Theatre, where he has honed his skills and contributed to the magic of pantomime. His role involves crafting memorable musical experiences that enhance the storytelling and bring joy to audiences of all ages.

My dedication to the art of musical direction and composition is evident in every production I work on, ensuring that each performance is a unique and captivating experience. I look forward to continuing to share the magic of music and theatre with audiences far and wide

Dragon Battle from Sleeping Beauty
Pantomime Overture
Panto Fanfare
Spell Underscore
Comedy Sting
Pantomime - Regal Fanfare
Hero Sting

Will Marshall, a composer from Fife, Scotland, is renowned for his emotive scores and adept storytelling through music. Armed with a Master's degree in Media Composition, Will's career is marked by his ability to seamlessly blend classical, contemporary, and electronic elements into captivating soundscapes tailored for film, television, theatre, and other media. With credits including collaborations with BBC, ITV, Sky Arts, and Channel 5, his work as both Musical Director and Composer for theatre productions showcases his talent in elevating narratives and evoking emotion. Recognized for his collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail, Will's compositions resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impact and cementing his reputation as a standout composer in the industry.