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Marcus Lawson
Composer - Los Angeles, CA
Yorkie Werewolf Intro (old school sci-fi horror)
Stairway To Dreams (romantic orchestral)
First Flight (soaring orchestral)
Icons of Horror Fight Scene (action)
So Say We All (heroic orchestral)
Ritual Dark Ending (old school horror)
A Happy Accident (romcom orchestral)
The Tyrant Rises (epic)
Romantic Goodbye (sentimental orchestral)
The Decision To Fight (wonderous suspense)
Trattoria Backroom Interrogation (mafioso speciale)
Battle Of The Bulge (solemn orchestral)
Son of Saul - The Boy (tender orchestral)
Backstory (subtle suspense)
Jizo no Akumu Title Screen
Gypsy In Disguise - Tiny Desk 2024 Entry
About Marcus

Marcus is an accomplished composer and songwriter with a background that spans both music and technology industries. With a passion for creating captivating soundscapes and a wealth of experience, he has excelled in different roles throughout his career.

Marcus began his journey as a performing songwriter. Based in Atlanta, GA, he played piano, drums, and performed both original and cover music for many years throughout the Southeastern US. He wrote, recorded, and produced two EPs of original music, demonstrating his versatility and songwriting talent. Additionally, he gained recognition as a Club Med Artist, entertaining audiences at various resorts.

As a freelance composer, Marcus served as composer for the film 'The Yorkie Werewolf,' and showcased his ability to craft compelling music that enhances storytelling. Additionally, he composed for the short film 'Icons of Horror 3,' directed by Trent Duncan. Marcus also produced the orchestral film music album 'Stairway to Dreams,' showcasing his talent for creating evocative and immersive musical experiences. His work extends beyond film, as he contributed six tracks to the 'Natural Landscapes Minimal' library album for Studio Fontána, in collaboration with Warner Chappell in the US.

In addition to his music endeavors, Marcus has demonstrated his programming and development skills by creating OmniTag, a software product that automates the categorization of third-party Omnisphere presets.

Whether composing for film, video games, or other media projects, Marcus consistently strives to create immersive and emotive soundtracks that enhance the overall storytelling experience. His keen attention to detail, versatility, and strong collaborative skills make him a sought-after composer in the industry.