Mythic Golf is an unreleased fantasy-themed golf game developed by Liquid Bit. Audio work was provided by Unlock Audio.

Composed and Produced by Thomas Kresge
Flute: Thomas Kresge
Oboe: Brooke Ferd
Clarinet: Peter Anthony Smith
Bassoon: Bassoonify
Horn: JohnStacy
Trumpet: John Robert Matz, Robby Duguay
Trombone: Daniel Romberger
Tuba: Alex Hill

Mythic Golf Music
Mythic Golf
Mythic Golf Main Theme
Bassaflora 1
Bassaflora 2
Bassaflora 3

Thomas Kresge is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, copyist, saxophonist, and educator with credits spanning film, television, video games, musical theater, and live concerts. Based in New York, he earned his Bachelor’s at George Mason University before receiving his Master’s of Film Scoring at the Seattle Film Institute under Hummie Mann.

Thomas has deep experience in orchestration, arranging, and music preparation. He was the primary composer for Jersey Jack Pinball's Toy Story 4 and Godfather themed pinball tables, and is currently working on their next two games. His speed and reliability have made him a favorite among his clients, which include Marco Beltrami (Waiting for the Barbarians, Shadows in My Eyes, Nine Perfect Strangers, Bach by Beltrami), Diana Ross (Diana Ross Live at the Hollywood Bowl: Opening Night, 2018, NBC's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting), Jacob Yoffee (Kohl's trailer campaign, The Incredibles 2 trailer campaign), and others, as well as fully arranging the scores for the musicals Way Back When and Esther and providing an arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" for actor Michael James Scott's solo tour.

​Since 2018, he has served as The Game Brass’s primary arranger and producer. Well-versed in writing, orchestral, jazz, and popular music, Thomas’s work has been heard in indie films, games, orchestras, and more, with two new game projects on the way. Thomas also maintains a private teaching studio, providing lessons to students on piano, winds, trumpet, theory, and composition. Working with a wide variety of organizations, Thomas seeks to empower students with the skills they need, from sight-reading to improvisation.