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Joshua Sohn

Film & Game Composer

Welcome! My name is Joshua, composer with a decade of experience that has worked with Lifetime, A&E, Fox, U.S. Air Force Reserve, Ninja Kidz, and many independent creatives. Whether you're a film maker, game developer or songwriter, I am here to make great music together! Feel free to check out my music below. 



THRILLER | Devil On My Doorstep (Lifetime)
ADVENTURE | The Quest for Tom Sawyer's Gold
Trailer Re-imagined: Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom
THRILLER | You're Not Supposed To Be Here (Lifetime/A&E)
DOCUMENTARY | Rearranging Skin (2023 Regional Emmy winner)
COMMERCIAL | Air Force Reserve
FANTASY | Stargirl Scene Re-Score


  • 2024 - The Third Degree (feature film - in progress) - Additional Music. Directed by Ryan Little. Berkeley Media Group.  
  • 2024 – Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace  (feature film - in progress) - Additional Music. AZ Film Studios.
  • 2024 – Passport to Love (feature film) - Music Editor. Produced by Candlelight Media.
  • 2023 – Moniker (vr game – in progress) – Composer/Sound Designer. Developed by Kogoy.
  • 2023 – Christmas with the Foxes (feature film) – Composer. Fox.
  • 2023 – Devil On My Doorstep (feature film) – Composer. Lifetime.
  • 2023 – You're Not Supposed To Be Here (feature film) – Composer. A&E/Lifetime.
  • 2023 - Invitation To A Murder (feature film) – Music Editor. Distributed by Lionsgate Films.
  • 2023 - The Quest for Tom Sawyer's Gold (feature film) – Composer. Distributed by Lionsgate Films. 
  • 2023 – Rearranging Skin (documentary) – Composer. Directed by Salt Project.
    • New England Emmy 2023 Award for Science/Environment.

  • 2022 - Christmas Unfiltered (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Directed by Sarah Sherman & Zachary Ray Sherman.
  • 2022 - Different the Musical (musical theater) – Composer & Orchestrator. Playwright by Tyler, Samantha & Rick Daynes.
  • 2022 – Guardians of Time (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. 
  • 2022 – Betrayed By My Bridesmaid (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Lifetime. 
  • 2021 – Twisted Little Lies (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Lifetime.
  • 2021 - The Nameless Days (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Distributed by Vertical Entertainment.
  • 2021 - A Christmas Witness (feature film) – Music Editor & Additional Music. Ion Network.
  • 2021-2019 - Dwight In Shining Armor (TV show for seasons 3-5) - Music Editor. Distributed by BYUtv & Paramount.
  • 2020 – Anastasia Once Upon A Time (feature film) – Additional Music. Directed by Blake Harris.
  • 2019 - Adventures of A.R.I. My Robot Friend (feature film) - Additional Music. Distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.
  • 2019 - Ninja Kidz TV (Youtube) – Composer. Combined views of 50 million+ webisodes.
  • 2018 - Daca-mented: A Dreamer's Story (documentary) - Composer. Directed by Moises Lemus.  
  • 2017 - Art Lake City (documentary) - Composer. Directed by Fernando Lara.
  • 2017 -The People (documentary)  - Composer. Directed by Fernando Lara.
    • Audience Awards Fusion Doc Challenge Finalist. Big Sky Film & Slamdance Festival selection.
  • 2018 & 2015 – United States Air Force Reserve (commercial) – Composer. Directed by Michael Lee.


   Striving for exceptional music and proud collaborations, here's what I can offer (see links for samples):







About the Composer

Hi! My name is Joshua Sohn. I am a Korean-American composer that loves to team up with great artists, film makers, and game developers to write music that elevates, engages, and inspires their story. My musical background comes from drumming in rock bands, conducting youth band & orchestras, and as a former assistant to film composer, Christian Davis.

Music helped me to overcome many difficulties in my life. When I was 14, my mother passed away from a car accident. Listening to music and playing musical instruments were big contributors in my healing. Composing is my chance to give back to the craft.

Since 2014, I have worked on OVER 15 feature films as well as various TV shows, games, pop songs, and musical theater (Different the Musical). I've had the pleasure to work with well-known brands including Lifetime (Devil On My Doorstep), Fox (Christmas with the Foxes), Ninja Kidz, Steinberg Media and the United States Air Force Reserve. My music was featured in the SALT Project's documentary, "Rearranging Skin" which won an Emmy (New England) in 2023.

In addition to composing, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience through my Youtube channel, Sohn Compositions. You can find more info on IMDB as well as other links below.

(385) 351-4215