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Bringing stories to life through music is Will's passion, and he has had the pleasure of scoring a diverse range of advertisements that captivate and resonate with audiences. Will's portfolio includes work for prominent brands and campaigns, ensuring each piece is tailored to enhance the message and evoke the right emotions.

Visit Scotland: Creating the musical backdrop for Visit Scotland's online adverts has been a truly rewarding experience for Will. His compositions aim to encapsulate the beauty and spirit of Scotland, drawing viewers into the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage that the campaign showcases.

Flybe: Working with Flybe, Will has composed scores that reflect the excitement and adventure of travel. His music for their adverts complements the dynamic visuals and helps convey the sense of discovery and connection that flying brings.

Feis Rois: Scoring for Feis Rois adverts allowed Will to delve into the heart of traditional Scottish music. His compositions for their campaigns celebrate the vibrant and enduring legacy of Scottish folk music, appealing to both local and global audiences.

Each project Will undertakes is an opportunity to blend creativity with strategic thinking, ensuring that the music not only supports the advert but also leaves a lasting impression. Whether it's the serene tones for a tourism campaign or the upbeat rhythms for an airline, Will is dedicated to delivering high-quality music that enhances the overall impact of the advertisement

An advert with a classical theme
A car advert with some fun and swing
Visit Scotland advert - Online
A Scottish advert
A fun happy advert

Will Marshall, a composer from Fife, Scotland, is renowned for his emotive scores and adept storytelling through music. Armed with a Master's degree in Media Composition, Will's career is marked by his ability to seamlessly blend classical, contemporary, and electronic elements into captivating soundscapes tailored for film, television, theatre, and other media. With credits including collaborations with BBC, ITV, Sky Arts, and Channel 5, his work as both Musical Director and Composer for theatre productions showcases his talent in elevating narratives and evoking emotion. Recognized for his collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail, Will's compositions resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impact and cementing his reputation as a standout composer in the industry.